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Nutrition and Cleansing

Good nutrition is essential. Using a variety of resources, ranging from healthy weight-loss, cleansing, education, and supplements, we will help you change your life.

We will educate you on simple, easy to implement dietary habits to support the lifestyle you want to live. We utilize the 100 Year Lifestyle Approved Essential Strive Life Superfoods, an every day system that contains over 90 high quality, organic, vegan, Non-GMO Superfoods consisting of over 300 essential nutrients, micronutrients and microbiome support.

Cleansing is not meant to be a short term solution. In order to reset your system, it is just as important to remove the inflammatory foods from your diet as it is to replace it with high quality, organic, whole foods. After you have allowed your system to detoxify itself of its cravings and addictions, you can now rebuild a healthier frame with consistent, quality nutrition as an integral part of living your ideal 100 Year Lifestyle.

This superfood system can be purchased in our office, or online here. Use code PFPC100-10 for 10% off your first online order and start changing your life today!