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Walking, Talking History Textbook

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Bessie Hendricks is a walking, talking history textbook. She is 115, making her the oldest living person in America and the fourth oldest person in the world. She’s a great, great, great grandmother. And she’s not showing any signs of stopping.

To say that Bessie is 115 years old is a conversation stopper. However, when you realize what she’s lived through and what she’s seen, well, it is truly amazing. Here’s just a sample of Bessie’s life experiences. She:

Saw 21 presidents in office
Experienced two world wars
Was alive during the roaring 20’s
Witnessed the first telephone, electric lights, and automobile
Outlived the Cold War, McCarthyism, and Elvis
Was a grown woman during desegregation, the Civil Rights movement, and the launch of the first space shuttle
And so much more

When you think of the changes over the last 115 years in the world of politics, music, business, food…our lives have changed again and again, and Bessie has lived through them all. This school teacher from Iowa is now a super centenarian – something that she never considered even being a possibility.

Like we’ve been saying all along, your 100 is coming! Whether you like it or not. Whether you want it or not.  If you aren’t excited about the possibility of living to 100 or beyond, make the changes you need to today to become excited. Develop a long-term vision for your health and longevity, and the habits to support that vision. Getting to 115 like Bessie is a possibility for all of us. You, too, could find yourself being a walking, talking history textbook. Start living your 100 Year Lifestyle today!

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