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Partying with Her Chiropractor

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Helen Malicki made big plans for her 100th birthday party. She and 99 of her closest friends will be celebrating a life filled with struggles, laughter, and love. Who did she invite to help her celebrate her big day? Helen will be partying with her chiropractor!

Keep Moving

While Helen clearly is an unstoppable force of nature, it must be with the help of her chiropractor that she’s been able to get to 100 – and in such good shape. Her secret isn’t so secret. It’s the advice she gives everyone wanting healthy longevity, “Just keep moving, and don’t stop.”

It’s true that Helen doesn’t appear to have stopped much along the way in her 100 years. Born in Amsterdam, her mother died when she was 6. At 12, Helen had gangrene on both her legs as a result of battling scarlet fever. She had a hysterectomy and cervical cancer at 29. She was widowed at 39. 

She managed to raise two daughters by taking on many different jobs during her life – some dangerous. Retirement at 65 meant she took care of her home in Amsterdam, moving the lawn and snow blowing the property until she was 92. She moved to New York state to live with her daughter and son-in-law when she was 96. She’s spent the last four years cooking and doing household chores. 


Helen is a prime example of how the choices we make affect our lives. At each challenge she had a choice to keep moving forward, or to stop in her tracks. Helen chose to keep moving. As a result, she’s here today, enjoying her life and celebrating 100 years well spent.

What choices are you making today? Are you standing still, or moving forward? If you’ve been reading about Helen and other centenarians on the 100 Year Lifestyle website, you know that your 100 is coming! Are you making lifestyle choices today that will create healthy longevity for you and your loved ones – possibly for 100 years and beyond?


If the fact is that you could use a little help, there’s a 100 Year Lifestyle provider near you to help you on your journey. The first choice – to keep your spine and nervous system healthy. Schedule an appointment today!

Want a little instant inspiration? Keep reading Helen’s story here


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