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Patient Testimonials

Three Healthy Generations

Brazilian Pediatrician Gets Exciting Results

Sitting for Living

Needs vs. Wants


I am less stressed

Bill B.

❝I just started a new job and was feeling way more stress that before so I changed my food choices and joined the gym. I still felt stressed and wasn't sleeping well. A buddy referred me to Plasker Chiropractic to get my spine checked. They found dis-ease I did not know about. I've been coming in for 6 weeks and am sleeping better than ever!❞
Bill B.

I choose Lifestyle Care

Don K.

❝I came in after hurting my back at work. I can't afford to get sick! After learning about the mind-body connection, I knew which type of care was right for me.
Now my wife and our two daughters are living The 100 Year Lifestyle too!❞

Don K.

Dr. Plasker helps me win

Megan S.

❝My weekly adjustments help me stay at my best for high level volleyball competition. Dr. Plasker and his team give me great care. ❞
Megan S.